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We simplified regulatory compliance

The HARPOCRATES solution for app developers and IoT manufacturers ensures continuously updated digital regulatory rules. We help you to stay compliant with data protection and privacy regulations. Globally - for all your services and devices.

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Preventing increasing cost of data protection and privacy compliance

Our service monitor global privacy regulations continuously and converted the outcome into digital regulatory rules. Our API and services, easily integrate into your app or IoT connected device.

Continuous discovery

Tired of keeping track of changing laws? Don’t worry, we do the work for you!

Honoring privacy

Consumers expect data privacy – regulators enforce it – we help to control it

All platforms

Our digital regulatory rules can be applied to any device - be it for Apps, IoT solutions or connected cars


No matter if you're just starting out or already have thousands of customers - we got you covered


Let’s build great things together

We are building tools to help you manage data protection and privacy regulatory requirements. You can focus on running your business, while we help you to stay compliant. We listen to you and your needs - work with us to build the new data protection and privacy eco-system


We manage privacy regulation complexity

The HARPOCRATES solution is based on an infrastructure independent API and SDK approach. Global privacy compliance becomes easy. With our reporting solution, demonstrating it becomes even easier.

Easy to use

Easy to integrate API and SDK get you up running in hours

Customer friendly

Your clients will quickly provide their consent settings and move on to using your service

Clever features

Our upcoming Consumer privacy center will demonstrate your dedication to your clients privacy clearer than ever

A RegTech startup focused on regulatory compliance in data privacy

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