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We are a passionate RegTech startup changing the way data protection and privacy is done

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At HARPOCRATES our goal is to help companies become and remain compliant with privacy laws on a global scale.

Our motivated team is working with the most cutting edge technology in the marketplace. With our passion for Artificial intelligence and natural language processing we are always improving our knowledge to keep on track with new trends.

Our mission is to change the way privacy is both seen and managed globally. Our digital regulatory rules as a real game changer.

We firmly believe that the EU's GDPR will form the basis of a new data marketplace, with data privacy by design, we want to be right at the pulse of it.

The team

Our goal to make data privacy compliance easy, unites people from diverse backgrounds. Business people, developers and privacy professionals work jointly to build the future

How we work

We work in a lean and agile environment. We take both responsibility and ownership while we enjoy our teamwork where we co-create and collaborate to build highly complex tools that are simple to use

Our culture

We believe in new organizational approaches where a flat and transparent working style is underpinned by a culture where our team members are encouraged to take ownership over their work and tasks while feeling empowered and appreciated.

Our beliefs

We believe that data privacy compliance currently is handled reactively only. We want you to be ahead of the curve and forward compliant.

7 Team members

Yes, we are still small but we have BIG plans, so keep an eye out for our job opportunities - we may just be looking for someone with your skillset soon

Our story

Our founders, working in different industries, found themselves exposed to the same legal and regulatory compliance challenge. With new rules and regulations being introduced it became clear that new solutions would be needed. In November 2019 we started defining and building what we believe will become a market leading solution.

What we do

We are building a high performance digital regulatory rules engine with an API and SDK based delivery system which will enable B2B-clients to implement data protection and privacy compliance elements directly into their products and services to ensure continuously updated digital regulatory rules.

It's good to talk

We would love to hear from you! If you have a question or want to test our services, we are here to help. You like what you see and want to become a part of the HARPOCRATES family? Send us your CV, maybe we are looking for someone just like you.

As a provider of privacy solutions you can rest assured that your contact information will under no circumstances be used for any other purpose than responding to your communication, unless explicitly stated and only with your agreement.


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A RegTech startup focused on regulatory compliance in data privacy

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