For the first time, big data privacy compliance has been solved

Throughout times, the basis of trade has been trust, so it is bad news when a plethora of studies shows that over 70% of consumers do not trust companies to handle their personal data responsible.

While some companies are still working on becoming compliant with privacy law, market leading corporations have realized that being socially responsible is not just about the environment, inclusion and diversity. It is also about privacy. Digital transformation is fuled by data and HARPOCRATES is building the Trust Economy by building solutions to not just help companies become compliant with privacy laws globally but to become trustworthy processors of personal data.

Investment opportunity

With customer PoC's currently under way, HARPOCRATES is planning the general market entry. To fund the journey we are looking for innovative business angels interested in partnering with us to take our RegTech innovation to the global market.


A comprehensive dataroom with detailed business case, Cap Table, go-to-market plan etc. is available upon request - some requests may require NDA before access can be granted.

We have have however prepared a public dataroom, which in addition to this homepage, will provide a bit more in-depth information around our company and solutions.

Access the dataroom HERE

A RegTech startup focused on regulatory compliance in data privacy

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